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HLF (henglifeng) plastic is established in China since 2003. With more than ten years' hard working on plastic sheet market, our   company has grown into a professional manufacturer and exporter of plastic sheet series products, concerned with the design,    development and production. We are initially focus on               manufacturing Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet and Polycarbonate  Corrugated Sheet. Keeping up with the market’s great demand   in other profile of panel product, we have expanded our product  range to Polycarbonate Solid Sheet, PMMA sheet, PVC sheet,  FRP sheet and PP Sheet. HLF has made its mark in the industry by introducing good quality but affordable products in both the   wholesale and retail market all over the world.


Our Brand ‘HLF’ is stand for the ‘High quality, Latest technology, Further development’.

1)    High quality

Only Quality care could be satisfied by Customer always.  We deliver what we promise, deliver on time and have a quality that is appreciated by the customers.

2)    Latest technology

Flexibility of designs and creativity is used to the fullest when we manufacture plastic sheets with advanced technology and strict quality control. The most important advantage we offer is best after sales service and technical back-up, whenever required.

3)    Further development

HLF understand the competition of the sheet market is very hard & easy to be imitated if without developing new products, HLF always wants to be more different from the present market has and it is the biggest power to push us keeping going forward.
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